Four centuries of Popes, sponsors and profound lovers of art, have amassed one of the world’s largest collections, both classical and renaissance. The most famous works of Italian antiquity are on display in the Vatican Museums, including the Laocoön Group, discovered in 1506 on the Esquiline Hill, the Belvedere Apollo and the famous Etruscan bronze known as the Mars of Todi. During the Renaissance, palace rooms were decorated with exceptional fresco cycles like the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms and the Borgia Apartment. These buildings which house the Vatican Museums were once the renaissance palaces for great popes such as Sixtus IV and Julius II. Bramante’s long courtyards and galleries connecting Innocent VIII's Belvedere Palace to the other building were designed for Julius II. Most extensions were carried out in the Eighteenth century, when the inestimable works of art were put on display for the first time.





Guided tour plan and visiting times.

1. Pinecone courtyard

2. Cabinet of Apoxyomenos;

3. Octagonal Court (Laocoön Group, Belvedere Apollo);

4. Pius-Clementine Museum (Greek Cross Hall, Round Hall, Hall of the Muses, Hall of Animals);

5. Gallery of the Candelabra;

6. Gallery of Tapestries;

7. Gallery of Maps;

8. Gallery and Chapel of St. Pius V;

9. Sobieski Room;

10. Raphael’s Rooms:

11. Sistine Chapel.


The guided tour of the Vatican Museums follows a route ends with the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael Rooms, certainly not to be missed:

The visit lasts for 2.5 hrs, expect some minor delays due to crowds.

Remember to take time to rest. Bear in mind that, even without stopping, it takes at minimum 25min to get through the Sistine Chapel.



ADULT €59;

UNDER 18 €49;



Please note that, although our service makes it possible to avoid the ticket office, we cannot avoid the museum’s logistics: metal detectors, radio distribution, or entrance into the Sistine Chapel if visitor access happens to be restricted in that specific time.

PLEASE NOTE: Full-refunds available ONLY with 72hr prior notice.

Vatican Museum tickets are non-refundable, so once we purchase the tickets for your group, you are responsible for their cost.  Thank you for understanding.

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